We've Been Roasting and Brewing Since 1979.

Michael Phinney, the owner of Full City Coffee Roasters, faithfully roasts our beans each day, creating finely crafted coffees that are unparalleled in flavor and style. The freshness of quality and flavor of coffee is directly linked to the freshness beans you brew. Full City guarantees that the coffee you buy will have a roasted age of no more then 24 hours, and in most cases the beans will have been roasted on the very day it is sold.

At Full City we limit our inventories to just a handful of the world's finest Arabica varieties. We understand the importance of finding the highest quality beans available. This allows us to offer coffees that are consistent in quality while possessing a broad spectrum of characteristics.

We have worked diligently to improve the growing, harvesting and processing of coffee beans to enhance the lives of coffee farmers where we source our beans.

We’ve sourced coffee from our growers in Sumatra since the 1980s. We’ve been buying our coffee green beans from the same woman in Columbia since 2000, and from our Guatemalan Co-op since 2002.  The photos featured on our website are from coffee plantations that we’ve visited many times over. 

In addition to our fresh, high-quality coffees, each location offers a selection of menu items that include pastries, quiches, Cornish pies, sandwiches, soups and fresh baked bread. All of our food and pastries are made by our sister company, The Palace Bakery in Eugene, Oregon. We offer some Vegan and Gluten Free Options.  All of our pastries and breads are baked from scratch with local ingredients wherever possible. 

We invite you to enjoy the delicious results of our hard work and dedication.