Full City Coffee Roasters

At Full City Coffee,
it's all about quality.

Our location at the Pearl Street Cafe at 8th and Pearl offers an enjoyable coffee house ambiance where you can read the newspaper, enjoy conversation, or just sip your brew of choice.

Our coffee comes to you with over forty years of roasting and brewing experience. Michael Phinney, the owner of Full City Coffee Roasters, faithfully roasts our beans each day, creating finely crafted coffees that are unparalleled in flavor and style.


Food & Drinks

We offer a selection of fresh sandwiches, pastries, and goodies. All of our pastries and breads are baked from scratch with local ingredients wherever possible.

find your roast

We offer full, medium, dark, very dark and decaf coffee roasts. We carry Sumatran, Full City Blend, Guatemalan, Colombian, French Roast, and espresso. 


Pearl St. Cafe

842 Pearl St.
Eugene, OR 97401
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(Parking is metered)